Business SolutionsCompanies also need to rely on traditional business solutions to meet their goals. From finding the right partner to conducting research on the viability of a new product. Ripple Effect will help you meet your business objectives using traditional business solutions and digital solutions if needed.

With wide and diverse experience across multiple industries and disciplines in the region, and boasting a strong network across the region and internationally, we at Ripple Effect Consultancy can help you with the solution you need.

Business Analysis

Business AnalysisWith increased competition, disruptive forces, and the changing business landscape, it is more important than ever for companies to conduct business analysis on a regular basis to ensure strategic, project and organizational success for the company. Companies need to determine if what they are doing is effective, and if it is delivering Return on Investment (ROI).

Ripple Effect Consultancy can help you with the business analysis process. We will help you identify your business needs and determine solutions for business problems. We will help you evaluate options for improving your business systems and ensure that the use of information systems is effectively meeting your business needs.

Sales Enhancement

Sales EnhancementA key business objective for any company is to ensure it produces and sells the most effective goods and services, grow revenue and increase margins. By implementing digital solutions, companies can enhance their sales. For example, a company can, through combining a number of smaller groups of customers in discrete geographical locations, create a larger “virtual” customer base using the internet.

Sales Enhancement is about capitalizing on new and innovative ways to increase sales that would be otherwise untapped, or would require too much capital, effort and resources to make them a viable business proposition.

Ripple Effect will help you with sales enhancement through the adoption of insights, digital and business tools, emerging technologies and new platforms, which will enable you to grow revenue, increase margin and address untapped markets.

Emerging Technologies – Selling & PR

Emerging Technologies – Selling and PR For companies developing new or emerging technologies, sometimes the challenge is how to market these emerging technologies. And how to get potential customers to understand their value and what problem they aim to solve, and more importantly, getting enough sales to sustain the business.

Ripple Effect Consultancy can help technology companies develop a systematic marketing plan that includes advertising, public relations and canvassing for clients. This though, for example, setting up demonstration seminars and workshops to showcase the features and benefits of these emerging technologies to potential customers.

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