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Is your business in need of digital transformation?

– Do you need help to identify and remove constraints in your business that are impeding growth?

– Are you looking to launch or expand in Asia and need market intelligence?

– Has your business environment undergone transformation and you need a strategy for change?

From start-up to multinational, Ripple Effect Consultancy has 67 years of combined experience to drive growth and change for your company.


Digital and Business Solutions for a Connected World


Digital Solutions

Digital solutions have made it possible for businesses to rethink the way they can tackle problems in efficient, innovative and scalable ways. These digital solutions and technologies can work together or apart, giving you the freedom to pick the right solutions to suit your needs (more…)

Change Management

Most businesses have undergone significant changes over the last decade – new business strategies, new competition, new markets. With global digitization, businesses again need to change. We will help you evolve and transform your business to tackle new challenges (more…)

Business Solutions

Companies also rely on traditional business solutions to meet their goals. From finding the right partner to conducting research on the viability of a new product. Ripple Effect will help you meet your business objectives using traditional business solutions and digital solutions (more…)

Business Enabler

Setting up a sales team or need to improve your supply chain? With an extensive network across various industries and markets we at Ripple Effect will act as your business enabler – opening the right doors, connecting you with the right people, finding the right business partners (more…)

Market Intelligence

Companies need reliable information to make the right business decisions and formulate winning strategies. Ripple Effect will help you combine big data sources with traditional market intelligence to turn the combined information into actionable steps for your business (more…)

Additional Services

  • Media & Content Distribution Representation
  • Product & Technology Representation
  • Marketing Communications / PR
  • Event Marketing
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Virtual reality for real-estate agents, a market place for trucking companies, a mobile coupon system for shopping malls, a QR code virus scanner – the competing startups at the Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest showed us what you can build with Alibaba Cloud today.

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