Media & Content Distribution Representation

Additional services AsiaWith the Asia-Pacific pay-TV & broadband revenues set to touch US$14 billion in 2016, the region continues be an attractive frontier for U.S. and European media companies and content owners looking to expand out of their home markets.

If you are a media company or content owner looking for representation in Asia-Pacific, or to help you distribute your TV channels or content to free-to-air and pay-TV platforms in the region, Ripple Effect has the in-depth knowledge, experience, network and relationship to help you expand into new markets.

Product & Technology Representation

Product and Technology RepresentationMany technologies and services can today easily be sold over the internet. A well-structured website enables you to reach customers all around the world and combine niche markets into one big world market.

But it is still important to show your customers that you are in their market and that you are committed to them. It might be as simple as having a “dot” on your global map showing that you are represented in their time zone.

Ripple Effect has an established history of representing products and services from around the world. By representing you, we can help you increase your sales, run workshops and seminars to showcase your products, as well as set up one-to-one exploratory meetings.

Marketing Communications / PR

Marketing Communications / PRMarketing Communications is a fundamental but complex part of a company’s marketing efforts as it represents the “voice” of the company to internal and external stakeholders, the public and the media. It is therefore important to have a good marketing communications plan to ensure consistency across all mediums and platforms.

Ripple Effect Consultancy can help you develop your marketing communications strategy and ensure you are delivering your core messages through the right channels and in the right voice.

Event Marketing

Event MarketingEvent Marketing offers a unique opportunity for brands and organisations to showcase their business and personality, educate their customers, and reinforce their image. It also provides a good platform to interact with customers, generate leads and obtain customer insight and feedback.

Whether it is an exhibition, conference, product launch, client hospitality or an online webinar, Ripple Effect Consultancy has the expertise to help you to plan, organize, manage and execute to the highest standard.

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